Questions of “9 Spaces”

photo | tedoux photography during the film shoot of "9 Spaces"
photo by tedoex photography during a film shoot for “9 Spaces”
In 2013, I created a work for Columbus Moving Company’s concert Off the Wall. Each dance maker’s work began from a piece of visual art in the Pizzuti Collection. I chose Roberto Diago’s “Untitled 2011″ and developed a process. The process was originally performed under the title ”         ” (that’s nine spaces between quotation marks), but the work quickly became referred to as “Untitled” (which was not the case), so now I refer to it as “9 Spaces”, and I dig that the best. The process has become itself after hundreds of hours together and been performed in four different iterations of location, sound, and structure by various combinations of the original 9 makers, they are; Jen, Kerry, Justin, Emma, Jess, Eve, Scotty, Amy, and Sharon. “9 Spaces” continues to create knowledge and questions. Here are a few from some of all of us: 
  • What is a body?
  • What does it mean to be dancing?
  • What does it mean to perform?
  • What is the appeal of physical exertion?
  • Is this piece exponential? Can 9 Spaces be 3 Spaces or 5,985 Spaces?
  • Can dogs be in 9 Spaces?
  • What makes something interesting? To do, to watch, to be?
  • Why set movement?
  • Why not set movement?
  • Do we move a specific way when our mind is in a specific place? What, when I think of something else?
  • What does partnering create?
  • How do you remember me / us / stuff?