dew: wet – response on this week’s pubLicK practice

photo 3
A duet. Many vocals, some words but mostly sounds in a wide range of dynamic and affect. If some witnesses could not see us in the second floor window, anyone passing within 30 feet could hear us. We did not acknowledge others but our busy crossroad location and the open windows sufficed as invitation. We played in power and time inside a durational crescendo with six or seven individual peaks. Detaching from one another only briefly, there were subtle movements at the places of connection with larger movements of parts not yet touching that brought us into connection with the other, things around us. We leaned hard on each other and the environment including a wall, chair, table, bookcase. We smiled and laughed, growled, slapped, yelled out, whispered and supported weight while we balanced on toes, hands, and each other. It was a familiar and welcome dance with something new not completely known; maybe it was the break we’d had from our regular dueting, or perhaps the dances we’d experienced while apart, maybe it was the air that day. This dance was a lightly vigorous one, sweaty and exhilarating; bookended by hours of computer work. Remarkable how the body remembers these dances, so that we can be taken immediately back to the sensation, even while typing away. Remarkable too, how the body remembers suffering.
I wonder what happens when we embody our experiences? Can we experience something without embodying it? Can we separate the body from the memory? How can we effect one by engaging the other with a specific intention? So many new questions every day and contradictions in my thoughts, feelings, ways. I’m not quite sure how to proceed?
So it seems I will make no decision on some things. I will try to allow myself to learn, to do my work with the understanding that the rest will work itself out.
Or work itself in.
(written October 15, 2014)