tree tops

all the Time finding moments

“Have you done a treetop one yet?” prompt by Justin. photo by cole.

Finding moments. Searching for constancy.
And all the Time   finding moments.

One does not stand upon time. Here I’d love to draw that little loop he motioned. It would begin at 3oclock and move counterclockwise the size of a fist. Thicker as it goes round, thinner as it comes. Resting in the 3o’clock place of balance, of understanding. Then rushing round the circle in half a second. To rest there in understanding. Fear or dismissal

Of time [being] in treachery.

All worlds have come down burnt. There, resources accumulate in the future behind at some distance, coming closer as they amass in order to rebuild. I move from falling trees to live in them instead. And build nothing. I look and see what is there.

I have the great pleasure to be collaborating in a duet with Vita Berezin-Blackburn, a multi-modal artist and professor at the Advanced Computer Center for Arts and Design.In our project she is working through Motion Capture technology, with live-tracked performance capture, digital art-making, and interactive design. One of her quotable thinkables from a session is
       film and cinematography was the first that “time was made a place – a place we can go back to.” Time as a space (place) that we can go back to. Often I hear her wonder of the “temporal signature of a person”. Wonders about many things.

       There is the severing of flesh from movement. Of memory from flesh.

I am looking at associative memory as seen in a specific place and space of body. I pour accumulating memories into 5 buckets, one for each position which is now recognized by Motion Capture technology and used to create an if, then situation to integrate my fillm, visual art, texts, made from these memory buckets – in ways designed by her hand to exist and change, made present by my moving flesh. 

The embodied memories – those of mine from the 5 positions of this solo do not feel embodied to me as I listen now — the memories of these positions do not lie in my body, the position is a place in which things are ‘outbodied’ — so the traces of the bodied position are not in my feeling body doing the position (though i am logging noticings which become memories each time i repeat a session). It is more like memory is embodied in the things made outside of my flesh – the art, texts, films, made from/during these positions. Positions which were made 2 years ago in a workshop with Claire Porter.

Memory or realtime experience (which is remembered as it happens, and so a memory). 

(some things get in more than others on any given day). I have the empty belly sensation of not knowing what it is I am confronting and creating at the same time. But it feels big. It feels vulnerable, more so than things before- or vulnerable in different ways – in new softerhiddenunderbelly places.

Beginning of a list of possible words instead of embody or body to describe the materiality of memory in the flesh.

When I remember
It changes

When I forget
It changes

When I do not yet
It changes